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Out of the Blue is operating  out of our two locations, one in the Bronx and the other one in Hampton Bays.  This enables us  to offer our customers improved service, even fresher local seasonal seafood, and, of course, the best possible prices.
At Out of the Blue we understand the importance of fresh local fish and the appeal it has for your clientele.

For this reason we strive to always have available many choices of top quality seasonal local fish, as well as imported products from selected, trusted facilities around the world, packed and imported under our own brand, DeliSEAous.

Our Hampton Bays location, close to the Shinnecock Docks, gives us access to an endless supply of local seafood, from finfish and squid to oysters and clams from local diggers, and allows an uninterrupted flow between the fishermen and the restaurants we service. We forward the seafood from our Hamptons facility to the warehouse in the Bronx and/or directly to our customers using a fleet of our own refrigerated trucks.

We have our own, licensed, shellfish wet storage facility, in which we keep clams and oysters for de-sanding.

We also have a commercially licensed cold and hot smoking facility for the artisanal preparation of smoked scallops, salmon, tuna, even smoked sturgeon.

Seasonally we prepare delicacies such as bottarga and octopus carpaccio, soup bases, fish fumet and lobster stock, to be used in the kitchens of our customers.

We can custom prepare many seafood specialties (such as seafood stuffings, ceviches, seafood salads, different types of crab cakes, and much more) that your kitchen can use as a base for the creation of unique signature dishes.

Orders can be placed by text, email or voice mail at any time and we deliver 7 days a week, at the time most convenient to you.

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