Weekly Specials January 15th

*quantities are limited, and prices are good through Sunday 1/19/2019

** Surcharge may apply for broken cases and orders below minimum of $150.


Fresh imported dover sole 600/800gr average - $12.75/lb


Fresh Mahi Mahi - 5.45/lb

Fresh Dry 10/20 sea scallops - $13.50/lb

Fresh Hybrid striped Bass
Large 5.95/lb

Chilean Seabass -$14.50/lb


Fresh Jumbo Lump Crab Meat - $ 27.45/lb
Fresh Lump Crab meat - $16.75/lb


East coast oysters - $0.55 each


Clam Strips by the gallon - $39/gallon


Fresh rock shrimp by the gallon - $115/gallon


Fresh Uni trays - $21/tray


Tobiko: red, yellow, black or green, each come in 1.1# container - $23.75/lb


Seaweed salad (Wakame). Sold in 4.4# containers – $ 6.50/lb


Unagi Kabayaki Eel, 9oz - $14.45/lb


Frozen Golden Corvina fillets - $8.25/lb


Fisherman Pride Squid Rings and Tentacles - $5.25/lb


Langostino G1 - $27.50/lb
Langostino G2 – $27.25/lb


Stone crab claw Medium - $26.95/lb


Peruvian bay scallops - $13.50/lb (10# container)



West coast oysters (cocktail size) $0.99each
*surcharge applies if ordering less than a case-120 units

North bay.
Stretch island,
Jenny petite,
Wild cat,
Sunset beach,
Pebble beach,
High roller,
Hood canal,
Denman Island,
Cougar island,
Fanny Bay,

Kumomoto $1.49 each (add 0.10$ if less than 120 units)

Out of the Blue Seafood Market Report

We hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather.

This week we were able to get in a nice supply of gorgeous tile fish.
Even though the season for wild striped bass is coming to an end shortly we received a beautiful shipment of wild striped bass today.

The quota on fluke and flounder was tightened up last week so you  can expect the prices on this item to start to increase and the supply to dwindle.
We do have 200 lbs of really fresh fluke on hand today.

We still have great deals on fresh dover sole,fresh mahi, pollock, arctic char, rainbow trout, hybrid striped bass(these fish are great served whole or filleted) and large skate.

This week tuna and swordfish have become really tight, in some cases the fish are just not there. As of Wednesday we should have full supplies of all types of tuna and swordfish.

Even though the holidays are over in the Mediterranian and the weather is just starting to improve ever so slowly, there is still no icelandic cod and the Norwegian and Scottish salmon supplies are very tight.
Rumor has it that the icelandic cod will return next week. In the meantime we do have ample supply of refreshed cod at only 6.95 lb and there is always pollock fillet.

Red snappers are just starting to return to the market. Jumbo black sea bass and monkfish tails are both in short supply.

 Cockles are back and there are plenty of Manilla clams.  Cherry stones, top necks and chowders are back in stock. Because there were very few Peconic  Bay  scallops this year the price on the Nantucket Bay scallops is very high and the supply is low. We do have Peruvian bay scallops at 19.95 lb that come in a 10 lb container, a much better price than the Nantucket's at 42.95 lb. We have large stone crab claws at 39.50 lb and medium stone crab claws at 28.95 lb.

A great  item we are carrying is fresh jumbo lump and fresh lump crab meat. The fresh lump crab meat is only 16.75 lb and the fresh jumbo lump crab meat is only 27.45 lb. Both of these items are cheaper than the pasteurized crab and much better quality.

We have plenty of dry sea scallops at 19.95 lb for u10's and 13.95 lb for 10/20 size.

We have beautiful arctic char at only 6.45 lb, boneless rainbow trout 10 to 12 ounces for 6.45 lb, rock shrimp for 120 dollars per gallon.

We also have ckl lobster meat at 30.95 lb.


Don't forget we have many time saving Items as well, like catfish fillets, pollock fillets, shucked oysters, ipswich clams, minced clams and clam strips.


We are also a major importer of branzino and dorade. We have a branzino fillet special where you are only charged 2.50 per fillet. Many of our customers are giving one fillet for lunch and 2 fillets for dinner. That makes your protein cost for dinner only 5.00$, not a bad deal. 

     We carry an ever changing variety of oysters. Currently we have the following east coast oysters available: james river, sea salt,beau soleil, belone, malpeque, pemaquid, pickle point, raspberry point, duxbury, wellfleet, shooting point, mecox, copps island, blue points and pine island. Our west coast selection includes: fanny bay, hood canal, skookum, totten inlet, sunset beach,  pacfic kiss, hammersley, pebble beach kusshi, royal miyagi and the world famous Kumamoto oyster. East coast oysters are packed 100 count and west coast oysters are pack 120 count.

For those of you who do not know, part of OUT OF THE BLUE SEAFOOD operation includes a location in Hampton Bays. At this location we have a wonderful restaurant, a fresh seafood counter with salt water tanks to keep lobsters, clams, mussels, and other seafood not only fresh, but alive.


Also at our Hampton Bay location we have a great cold smoking operation. Our master smokers are always busy preparing a wide variety of cold smoked items. Not only do we make our own gravlax in assorted flavors, but we also smoke tuna, sword, mackerel, sturgeon, bluefish, eel, halibut, scallops, octopus legs, eskimo candy, black cod, whitefish, and assorted varieties of lox. We also make our own bottarga.

     Remember.... We deliver seven days a week from Manhattan to Montauk.

Have a great week!

Fresh Extra Large Tile Fish - $7.85/lb

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