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Our Artisan Smoke House

For the discerning Gourmet

Smoked Seafood: a labor of Love following ancient artisanal recipes.

They say that after you’ve tasted smoked fish you’ll be well and truly hooked!


For centuries, fishermen across the world used smoke to preserve the excess catch that could not be consumed fresh. While the smokers of ancient times turned to this method out of necessity, today we employ this process not to preserve, but to enhance, the texture and the flavor for our culinary pleasure.


At Out of the Blue Seafood our artisans continue to use those age old recipes and traditional techniques, producing a variety of superb smoked seafood products


There are two distinct ways of smoking fish – cold smoke and hot smoke.


Cold smoked fish is not actually preserved or cooked, it is a product that still requires refrigeration. Cold smoking is an involved and slow process.

Hot smoking is a technique where the meat is held directly above or in the same enclosure as the wood, so it cooks as it smokes.


There are no short cuts in the process of smoking fish, starting with choosing the best right ingredients, slowly and carefully smoking the fish all around, taking care to carry both the smoke and the juices through the fish for optimal results.


A common misconception is that smoke will mask the flavor of low quality fish: this could not be farther from the truth. At Out of the Blue we only use the best cuts to be enhanced and smoked.


Every wood when burned produces smoke of various flavors; just as the bouquet of a particular wine will pair well with certain foods, the aroma of the smoke generated by a particular wood will work best with a specific type of seafood. At Out of the Blue Seafood we carefully choose and pair the best un-treated woods to be used during our smoking process.


Smoking seafood is a labor of love. We are proud of our smoked seafood delicacies and know that you will taste the difference our age old artisanal recipes and passion for seafood bring to the table.

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